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Sunday, March 30, 2008


My gorgeous, wonderful, talented 15 yr old nephew has won 1ST place in his wrestling tourney. He has worked so hard this season and really dedicated himself to training and his grades. Can you tell how proud I am?
In TTC news, I have found someone who will do my IUI at home for free!! A very close friend of mine who is a former nurse and knows how to do IUI's is more than willing to do mine in my home whenever I need it. This helps in that my insurance, which is through a very Catholic unversity will not pay for this at all, not even the meds. This takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Things just keep getting better and better.
In contrast to the previous post, I really do love my job. I enjoy what I do and where I work. There will always be those people that try to spoil it, but I can ignore them and do my best. I have to thank Tammy and Mrs. LALA and Marlana as well as all of the NW message board girls who have given so much suppport over the past year. You lassies have no idea how much you have lifted me when I felt like giving up. OH and Mrs. LALA...CONGRATS on the BFP!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pollyanna psycho bitch

The "temp" at work, mentioned in previous posts, is seriously crazy. She acts like two different people depending on whose around. She really wants my job, although it is mine and will remain mine. So, she does profoundly stupid things to make me look bad and ends up showing her own ass. She tells my supervisior every little thing she thinks I may be doing wrong and I mean everthing such as "Roxann went to the restroom 3 times today". She also claims that everytime I go to the back room to work on a project I was assinged to, the phone rings off the hook and she is just too busy. Little does she know that I have a phone in the back room and can see what lines are ringing. I remain calm and professional at work, so when I get home, I vent. Big time. The only consolation is I know she will be gone by June. :)
Af is on time again like clockwork. I just hope she decides to be this regular when IUI time comes. I have not been walking this week due to a migraine and the crappy weather so I feel a little stiff and groggy. It is amazing how fast the body adapts to a healthy lifestyle and will let you know when you mess it up.
Well, here's to a great weekend. I am going to see Donovan wrestle Friday and Sat. Good luck D!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new spring in my step

I can't explain why but I have just fallen in to this really wonderful state of mind recently. My moods have been postive for the most part and my diet and excercise plan are going great! I have lost 12.5 pounds total and the loss is going really slow but I feel good about it. My energy level is increasing and I am ovulating again. My LP is still 6 days or less on average and I have begun taking Vitex in an effort to help it along. I will still be using Clomid for the IUI in June.
I am still walking on my lunch breaks and now that the weather is getting better I am able to walk around one of the lakes we have on campus. I am also getting off the pain pills I have been taking for my back. I have been on these for about three years except for the few months I was TTC last year. I don't feel that I need them anymore since doing the back strengthening and losing weight. My Dr. told me that due to the length of time on them I may have a few weeks of "discomfort" whatever that means. I don't care I will get through it. Well, here's to a great week full of sunshine and BFP's for all!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Food for the soul

It is amazing how spending time with children can really re-energize my outlook on life. I had my niece Mekah and my nephew Donovan this weekend. We went to the library and rented movies and just really had a great time. This has been a fairly hard winter on my mind and body, so being with them was really special. It seems as though the weather may be finally breaking into spring this week. We will keep our fingers crossed!!!!
I am doing very well on my diet and excersise plan so I may be moving the IUI up to May. I am sticking to my healthy eating 90% of the time which is my personal goal and walking everyday on my lunch break. I am also starting prenatal yoga at night to help me strengthen my muscles and quiet down my mind. I am so ready to get PG that sometimes I can't even sleep at night!
Finances are also looking better as things get back on track. The job is great and I love it. There is one woman, a temp for the busy season, who really gets on my nerves but I am dealing with it. She wanted to be hired for the job I got but didn't get it and she never fails to mention it daily.
Oh well, I got the job and I'm staying put!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new day

I feel so much better. The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me. Lack of sleep and sunlight were not helping my depression. Well, this past week I took really good care of myself and got plenty of sleep and good healthy food. It has made all the difference.
I have a donor!!! I went over my top 4 choices and finally found my favorite. I am very pleased with my decision and can't wait for June when I will have my IUI. It may seem like a long time from now but I know from experience that time flys. I haven't been charting like I should and need to get crackin on that.
Well, here's to a great weekend and to all my ladies currently in the TWW....BABYDUST!!!!!