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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haloween

I love this day. It is so much fun to watch to kids go around the neighborhood all dressed up. This is such an inocent time for them. It makes me think of my own child trick or treating someday. I have to keep in mind that it will happen soon. I go in next week for my progesterone testing again. I am nervous and keep awfulizing in my head that something terrible will happen. I know that this will be difficult but not impossible.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time lapse explained

Wow does time fly. I am now posting again after looong summer break. Let me catch you up to speed. First AI in July BFN, probably an early miscarriage as I did get a faint positive before that bitch AF showed up. 2nd AI in early Sept. also a BFN. Then as a looked at my charts I realized my luteal phase is only 9 days. So off to the Dr. I go. Turns out my progesterone is quite low. My wonderful OB tells me that it is fixable and I then I proceed to feel better and get my hopes up again. Then after a 43 day cycle my ob orders more labs and finds my LH and FSH are low. Not horrible but not optimal either. So here is the plan, will start AI again in January. In the meantime I am to lose 20 lbs, start progesterone therapy and get ready for Dr. assisted IUI. with clomid and trigger shots. Whew!!
Since my last post in June I have a new niece Anika Michele who is gorgeaus and perfect. My brother and sis-in-law know about my attempts to get prego and are on board 100% (whood a thunk it!!) and I have changed sperm banks. I am now using Midwest Sperm Bank which is so close I can pick up my tank and not have to pay shipping or have it shipped and pay only 50$. I love all my ladies in the NW board and still check in while trying like hell to avoid the bloody drama going on.
I just to sum it all up. I am disappointed that this won't be as easy as I thought, relieved that my family is supportive and now know more about my cycles that I ever really wanted to. On the up side I am now holding lunchtime TTC educationals at work for a couple of ladies who are TTC and don't know the first thing about charting!! LOL!!