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Age 33. Single, Native American hot chick (hence the blog title). I am a left wing, liberal, treehugging Democrat. I have made the choice to become a single mother and am doing so as a foster parent. I will go head on to put the most at risk children first. This is my place to share my journey. I hold nothing back, whether it be joy or heartbreak.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A much needed break

I so needed this 3 day weekend. Sat and part of Sun were dark and rainy and hence a little depressing but at least I wasn't at work. This is the time of year when I get a bad case of the burnouts.
I will be ordering my swimmers June 22nd for sure! So close. I have been working ot to get my body healthy and in the process have gained weight! I never did well with strict diets they tend to make me rebel. I know that if I just eat healthy 90% of the time, my body does quite well. This week I am focusing on eating three meals a day, no skipping breakfast and walking 30 min a day. Thats it no added pressure.
Here's to a great week ahead to all!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carpe Diem- In Memory of Joe

My boss passed away this past Tues. He was only 42 and had a 9 yr old daughter. It just confirms for me that I need to go for what I want and stop waiting. Money will come and go so will people so stop procrastinating and worring about what other people think. GO FOR IT!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


a little break is all you need. As I said on friday, I have had no energy this weekend. I don't know what it is, it could be allergies. Not at all uncommon in No. Indiana in spring. I sometimes get a little down when I feel overwhelmed with things I need to do and boy do I have things to do. My house needs a good spring cleaning. I also think I need a little change of scenery. I may hop the train and go to Chicago for the day next weekend.
I have been pretty good about eating healthy save for the occasional deserts. I have also been walking on my work breaks. I just keep focused on getting my body baby ready.
Well.. here's to a great week ahead!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Oh never mind. I have absolutely no energy. I had all these plans to do some major spring cleaning on my day off today. Well, I didn't do any of it. I did my shopping done and took my neice to lunch. I guess I can do it tomorrow after work but I think I just may procrastinate and put if off. PROCRASTINATORS UNITE.....tomorrow :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

same old......

same old. Kind of a quiet week and weekend. By Fri. I was so ready for a break I vowed to stay low key this weekend. I spent most the week trying to figure out the money thing. I was able to come up with a great plan and it is highly doable. Having surgery and being out of work for a few weeks really put me behind. Even though I still got paid it was less than usual and the bills piled up. Oh well, back on track now. Here's to a great week!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So exited!!

I called NW for the first time today!!! I got my questions answered. Yes I will be able to purchase my vials before I order and pay for the shipping and yes my 1st choice donor is available in iui format. This is going to happen for me!! I am trying to lose about 15 lbs before I do the 1st AI in July just to make it a little easier on my body. I hate the whole yo yo diet cycle so about 10% of the time I just let myself eat whatever. I'm still walking on my work breaks and lunch and trying to be active at home. I am getting the urge to nest and trying to spring clean the house anyways (just not getting a cooperation from mom who lives with me). She is just not as fastidious about having a clean home as I am. Work is OK there are a few hens that I am somewhat concered about. I have only told Mom and my friend carrie about how I plan to get pregnant, anyone else can just be left to wonder. I have dealt with these women for the two years I have worked there, so any comments they make can be tossed. I also keep dreaming about being pregnant. Soon it won't be a dream it will be reality!!!!!!!