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Age 33. Single, Native American hot chick (hence the blog title). I am a left wing, liberal, treehugging Democrat. I have made the choice to become a single mother and am doing so as a foster parent. I will go head on to put the most at risk children first. This is my place to share my journey. I hold nothing back, whether it be joy or heartbreak.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

waiting is hell

yes it is. I am still waiting for a child. I have told my case manager that I want only one child this time and preferably one who is a newborn with limited parental contact (adoption potential). I know this sounds heartless, but the pain of giving up the children was heartwrenching.
Work is going well, very busy and I still have the overzealous supervisior from hell. Well that's pretty much it. I wish everyone well and you are in my prayers Tammy and Mark.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

and now....

the wait begins again. I took the children home to their mother, who by the way is trying very hard to turn her life around. It hurt more than I expected. It kind of felt like the miscarriages. I am now in wait for a newborn to adopt from the foster care system.
There are a few things I have learned from this experience.
1. the foster care system SUCKS. They put foster parents and kids through hell.
2. they take forever to pay you. I had the kids for six weeks and still have not been paid yet.
3. Parenting is hard, nuff said