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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One more time....

3 more children, J is 7mos a beautiful baby girl, M is 2 looks like an American girl doll and A is 8 yrs such a gentleman. This is a short term, emergency placement and my heart goes out to these kids. Apparently they were taken from the home due to "unfit living conditions". The case investigator could not even make it past the front door without gagging from the stench. Little M was eating dogfood and mom was letting her because she didn't have time to feed her real food. Yet, sadly, these children are expected to go back very soon. I can't have children naturally but these cockroaches can have as many as they want and treat them like garbage. what up God?


twondra said...

Oh my goodness. :( I'm so sorry. My heart breaks for these kids.

Michelle said...

I wanna know too.....whats up with the God? Why???